Audi Global Sold Out Over 1.8 Million Units In 2016

AUDI AG beyond any doubt got this show on the road in 2016. Worldwide deals were knock up to the tune of around 1,871,350 units in 2016 – 3.8% more than in 2015. It has been a reliable pattern for the brand, that is seen expanded interest for the seventh year consecutively since 2009. Truth be told, with 949,729 deals in 2009, Audi got very near multiplying its worldwide deals figure over this time span.

Fun truth: Audi’s 2016 deals outranked the number of inhabitants in Bahrain!

According to the official discharge, deals expanded in all center districts. Europe saw the greatest development of 7.6 percent, with North America (+5.3 percent) and the USA (+4 percent) taking after nearly. The Asia-Pacific area recorded the most minimal development of 0.5 percent.

Here are a couple highlights:

– The new Audi A4 saw worldwide offers of around 337,550 units – a development of 7.6 percent, with around 164,600 units sold in Europe alone.

– The second era Q7 piled on offers of around 102,200 units, likening to a development of around 43.6 percent. In that capacity, the Q7 multiplied the normal yearly offers of its antecedent, accomplishing more than 100,000 conveyances in a year surprisingly.

– Even Audi’s crown sovereign of execution, the R8, saw a 31.8 percent deals development, with 2,890 units of the supercar sold.

– The whole R and RS family broke the 20,000 deals stamp surprisingly (20,200 units to be exact), denoting a development of around 18 percent.

– With more dispatches like the new Q5, Q2 and A5 Sportback, Audi will keep on expanding its item impression through 2017.