Bentley Reveals Supersports Is fastest 4 Seater Car

Making a substantial car like the Continental quicken from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, you require all-wheel drive and power. Bunches of force. Fortunately for Bentley, its 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged port infusion W12 had bounty as of now. To improve it even, the automaker fitted it with higher-limit turbochargers, an amended charge-air cooling framework and new primary and con-pole heading, just to wind up with 700 torque and 750 lb.ft. of torque in the vicinity of 2050 and 4500 rpm. That will do!


With its new splitter and diffuser, side ledge expansions and vented hood all made of carbon fiber, the Supersports ought to be sufficiently steady as it gets to its 209-mph beat speed (or 205 in the convertible), however in the event that you need much more downforce, a discretionary back spoiler and front splitter mix is likewise accessible for the car. Promote alternatives incorporate a titanium deplete framework, two-tone paint medicines, carbon fiber entryway mirrors and ledge plates, and 21-inch produced wheels, likewise accessible in shine dark.


The rest is a well known story. The most bad-to-the-bone Bentley to date accompanies a 8-speed ZF gearbox, self-leveling air-suspension with electric dampers, a 60/40 raise inclination all-wheel drive framework, speed delicate directing and 420mm cross penetrated Carbon Silicon Carbide brake circles at the front. Those are genuinely necessary, realizing that the convertible weighs 5412 lbs, while the roadster is “only” 5027 lbs.

Other critical truths about the new Bentley Continental Supersports?

It has a 24 gallon fuel tank and an inside loaded with rhombuses.