Ferrari J50 Specifications

The Ferrari 488 Spider Is Transformed into J50 Limited Edition. Ferrari is the best with regards to making a unique release show. This time, the Italian games auto maker hits again with its most up to date creation, Ferrari J50 Limited Edition.

This auto is created to commend the automaker’s 50th commemoration in Japan. To guarantee its selectiveness and brilliance, the auto is uniquely made by Ferrari’s Special Project Division and the generation will be constrained to 10 units as it were. Ferrari has not said anything with respect to the accessibility. However, in light of its name, it appears like every one of the 10 of the constrained release auto won’t go outside Japan.

Ferrari J50 Specifications

Ferrari J50 depends on 488 Spider subsequently a few similitudes between the two models are not out of the ordinary. Notwithstanding, not at all like the auto it depends on, New J50 is not a full convertible. Rather, the removable rooftop is constrained to the range appropriate over the cockpit. Subsequently, the Targa rooftop doesn’t interfere with the unmistakable styling of the auto.


Other than 488 Spider, J50 likewise obtains some styling prompts from other Ferrari’s famous models, for example, FXX K, F40, and F50. For example, the constrained release auto has more forceful styling than 488 Spider on account of the more pointed nose and smooth headlights, embraced from the FXX K race auto. Also, the nose and body are graced by the dark realistic that can without much of a stretch remind us to Ferrari F40 and F50.

Being a super games auto that it is, the general styling is uniquely made to enhance the execution of the auto. On the front, the radiators are put nearer so the guards can be more streamlined. Proceeding onward, we can see that the windshield header rail is set lower, permitting more wind stream go over the back spoiler. As an ensuing, the auto normally creates more downforce. In the mean time, the lodge will be graced by new inside trim.