World’s Longest Bike In Size And Weight

This is an immense bicycle. It is 42 meters in length and its weighing is 2.5 tons, may not be the sleekest of cycles, but rather it needed to meet some imperative set criteria and come in less than a genuinely tight spending plan.

The point of the wander was to plan and develop a bicycle that could convey the heaviness of the considerable number of riders, had just two wheels, and could be controlled by a customary chain and pedal instrument. It likewise expected to travel 100 meters or more to grab the world record.

The understudy configuration group’s test was to beat the past record holders, a gathering of building understudies from The Netherlands who built a bicycle of 28.4 meters.

At the point when the enormous day came, on the eve of the begin of the 2015 Santos Tour Down Under (TDU) in Adelaide, the record endeavor was not without some dramatization.

Due to the camber in street surface, the enormous bicycle tipped over only a couple of moments after the primary pedal turn.

Each of the 20 riders figured out how to hop clear and were generally unscathed, and the choice was made to give it one more go.